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  • Danielle Auld

    Eli, I love this site! I have just found it and can see I shall spend many an hour on here. I have just started a read and vote blook. It can be found at and it gives the reader an opportunity to interact with the writer. Each week are two bite sized chunks of a crime thriller. At the end of each instalment the reader is asked to vote on what one of the key characters should do next. The winning vote then gets written into the narrative. It is quite near the start so a good time for readers to pick it up. I hope you like it!

  • Ahmet29101

    I have put up my latest novel online. Its somewhat amateur sort of online publishing. But frankly speaking i am looking for some somebody to sponsor my next novel.

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    (ofcourse click on OLDER POSTS for moving to next pages of the novel)

  • Vince

    There is a great site for coming up with story ideas and how-to articles at

  • sean markey

    Sent an email about this, THEN I saw the suggest a link button. is a site that hosts many cool images, videos, texts, and more to help writers get inspired, get unstuck, or get a prompt for a writing exercise.  

    The site is safe for teens (no inappropriate content).

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  • Richard van der Dys III

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  • Kurtz Frausun

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  • Pr_punisher

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  • s-girl

    Hi Eli – I know you’re not actively maintaining this site – but thought I’d put this link up. I started a blog in October about webfic, serials, and all that jazz:

  • Nikola

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  • WSG

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  • brendanmc

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  • J C


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  • Becky Smithe

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  • Josh Evensen As you said, Word has to die. ;-) I hope this will be its successor for novel writers.

  • Weeb Heinrich

    After a 4 year absence, is back! To all of our new readers we say welcome; and to those returning, we apologize for vanishing without notice. You may be asking yourself: “What the HELL happened? I spent years with you and you dumped me like yesterday’s trash. No phone call, no email…” For this, we are sorry. There is no better explanation except to say that life took over and suddenly became complicated and I lost my creative spirit for a while. Well, guess what, I’ve found it again. It took some time and soul searching to realize that my truest love in the world is the written word, and nothing can ever change that – no matter what complications occur. So with that said, let us begin again. To quote the immortal words of T. S. Eliot: “So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.” With that being said, baby, I’m ready to dance in the creative light of words again.

    To those who don’t really know the whole concept of WritingRaw, let me explain briefly. When we first started in 2007, we saw a little hole in the writing world that needed filling. With the disappearance of markets that published unsolicited manuscripts, WritingRaw was created to provide an outlet for any writer who wished to have their work “published” online for the world to see and to help build a name for themselves. Our goal was to create something different – a thought-provoking online magazine dedicated to all forms of the written word without judgment. What appeared within the “pages” of WritingRaw was exactly what the author wanted. This open format allowed writers to think outside the box and create what THEY wanted in content and style. Thus, the “Raw” aspect of the site. Unfortunately, while WritingRaw cannot compensate authors monetarily for accepted pieces (this is all a labor of love and maintained through our own time and pockets), we believe that the exposure an author receives is compensation enough. In this day of vanishing literary markets, the actual building of a name – in our humble opinion – is just as valuable.

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  • Josh Evensen

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